How do you print halftone screens?

Halftone screens help to achieve the look of a lighter shade, or shades, of whatever color ink is being printed. However, there are some limitations of printing art like this. 

We print halftones at 35 LPI (lines per inch), which is the maximum LPI that prints well. This produces fairly large dots compared to offset printing. As an example, most newspapers print images at around 80 LPI, and most magazines at around 150 lpi or higher

See images below for samples of how screens look when printed. 


Because of the large size of the dots used, we do not recommend printing small text or thin lines as screens. 

TEXT at 50% tint, 35 LPI

LINES - 1pt, 2pt, and 4pt - at 50% tint, 35 LPI

When using screens in your designs, it is best to use them for larger, solid areas. Screens also will look better on larger art. Just as the 4pt line above looks much cleaner than the 1pt line. 

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