Why does my quote list an over/under run amount?

While we try to keep overruns and underruns to a minimum, the production process has multiple steps, and the setup time and scrap produced for each step cannot be accurately predicted. This is due to the multiple steps process of extruding, printing, and converting bags, 

Steps to making bags

There are three basic steps to creating your bag, all of which require separate setup routines and create scrap material. All scrap is sent to a recycling center to be converted back into resin.  Here are the steps:

  1. Extruding the film – bags start as small pellets of resin, which are melted in an extruder and blown into a tube that matches the specifications for each order. The film passes through several rollers as it cools and is then flattened and wound on a large roll, ready to print. Scrap is created as the adjustments are made to create the correct film specifications.
  2. Printing – The roll of extruded film is then placed on a printing press. Press setup time and scrap created varies based on the number of colors being printed. Aligning printing plates to assure proper position can be very time consuming. 
  3. Converting – Once printed, the roll of film is moved to a converting machine that seals, cuts, and adds handles onto individual bags, which are then boxed up and prepared for shipping. 

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