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We sell exclusively through distributors. If you are buying for use at your business, we will forward your quote request to one of our distributors.
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Please let us know what type of bag or film product you need. Sleeves, tubing, sheeting, etc.
Choose from nearly 30 different film colors. Film Colors
Bag Dimensions

Enter the size of the bag you are looking for. List width, height, and any side or bottom gussets needed. Height of T-shirt and Wave Top bags is measured from the top of the handles. 

Side Gussets must be smaller than width of bag Bottom Gussets have a maximum depth of 10"
Select the thickness of your bag in mil. Standard HDPE grocery bags are around 0.6mil. Reusable standards for most bag regulations are usually 2.25 mil or greater. We can make film in any thickness between 0.6 and 6.0 mil.
Minimum quantities vary based on raw material weight and number of colors printed, and can vary from 3,000 to 20,000 bags. Choose the desired quantity from the drop-down menu, or chose Other if the quantity you want is not listed.

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