How do I specify ink colors?

We are able to print a total of up to 6 colors. Inks are matched to standard Pantone PMS colors found in the Pantone Plus Formula Guide. PMS colors are specified as coated (C) and uncoated (U), and colors with the same numbers may appear different both onscreen and when printed. When creating your art, we strongly suggest referring to a PMS guide to specify colors. 

Art programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, and others allow you to select colors from various pallets, and you should be able to select the Pantone Plus coated pallet to design your work. We will always provide a digital proof of your art in the colors specified, but keep in mind that colors may not look the same on screen, or printed on paper from desktop printers. 

Computer monitors display in RGB color space (Red, Green, and Blue light) while most desktop and commercial printers use CMYK color space (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black ink). CMYK printing is used for Process Printing, where the four colors of ink are printed in screens (tiny dots) at different angles to create the illusion of all colors. RGB light from your monitor or TV is made up of tiny colored dots that your eye combines into other colors. 

We print using Spot Colors, which are just that - the color of ink specified. Because of the different color spaces, it is impossible to match a color with 100% accuracy across all devices. 

To find out more about color spaces and print processes, there are many articles available online that going into much more detail than we can provide here. 

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