How do I prepare and submit Art?

All art should be submitted electronically, either through email, or by providing us a link to download the art. Contact us for information about where to send art.  


  • Vector Format Only - If art is not in vector format, we may be able to convert it. See explanation
  • Preferred file format: PDF.  Files should be unlocked. Our artists need to be able to open and make adjustments to art files. 
  • Acceptable file formats: EPS, AI (CS5 or earlier), and CDR. NOTE: If sending art in these formats, please provide a PDF proof, and convert all text to curves, and outlines to objects. 
  • File formats that will incur art charges: TIFF, JPG, PSD, and PNG bitmap image files must be converted to vector for printing.
  • Unacceptable file Formats: Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, InDesign and QuarkXPress files cannot be used
  • Printed Art received by mail or fax will need to be converted to digital vector files. Art charges will apply. 
  • All fonts must be converted to outlines (curves)  See explanation
  • Halftones and gradients are printed at 35-lpi, and should be limited to larger areas for best results.
  • Convert lines to objects - if objects have outlined edges, they should be converted into objects. The features of the outline - corners, dotted lines, thickness, etc - can shift. Thick outlines can also cause incorrect measurement of the art. Converting to a filled object will alleviate those issues. If you have questions, please Contact us 
  • TRAPPING - Film shifts up to 1/8" during printing and can cause registration issues. On multiple-color jobs, leave white space between colors if possible. If colors must overlap, trapping should extend by at least 4pt.  When setting trapping, be aware of the print order: lighter colors print first, followed by darker colors, and black will always print on top. If unsure of the order that colors will print on your job, please contact us.
  • ART CHARGES will apply if art needs to be converted to a vector file

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