How do I choose a bag size?

If unsure of the size of bag you need, feel free to contact us for help.

To calculate the size of bag needed, start by measuring the items going into the bag.

Here's some basic math: 

  • Bags can have gussets either in the side or bottom, but not both.
  • For a bag without side gussets, the circumference twice the width. A 12" wide bag has a 24" circumference. (12+12)
  • Bags WITH side gussets have a circumference twice the width, plus twice the gusset. A 12" wide bag with 7" gussets has a 38" circumference. (12+12+7+7)

The circumference of the bag should be larger than the circumference of the items going in the bag.  This is generally only a concern when there is a specific size object needing to be bagged. 

A box that is 9" long and 6" wide has a circumference of 30". (9+9+6+6=30). Half of 30 is 15, so a 15" wide bag would fit perfectly, but best to get a slightly larger bag, around 16", to make sure the item fits. This same box would fit in a side gusseted bag, like a 10x6x22 (10+10+6+6 = 32" circumference) 

Bottom gussets in bags will help the bag sit flat when expanded, but do not increase the circumference of the bag. for that same 9x6 box, a 16" wide bag with a bottom gusset of 6" will hold the boxes nicely. 

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