How are bags printed?

Plastic bags are printed using a process called flexography, which uses a flexible relief plate to make imprints. Each color of the print job requires its own plate. We can print a total of up to six colors, combined between both sides of the bag. 6 colors on one side, or 3 colors on each side. 

Flexographic plates can be used for many years without any degradation of image quality. However, after long use, plates can develop cracks which will affect print quality. When plates do crack, we recommend replacing the plates. When ordering plates through us, we will replace any cracked plates free of charge. 

Our process is fairly simple - film is extruded and loaded onto the printing press. The film is then wound through rollers on the press where it is printed, and then rolled again as it comes off the machine. The next step is converting the film into bags. . 

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