How are bags measured?

Bags measurements are expressed as the entire width x height (9x12, 15x18, etc) of the flattened bag. If bag has side gussets, the measurement is written as Width x Gusset x Height (12x7x22 is a standard T-shirt bag). If bag has a bottom gusset, the measurement is written as Width x Height + Gusset Width (15x18+4"BG for instance).

It's important to understand that bags with side gussets always have a bottom seal, and bags with bottom gussets will have a side seal. 

Bottom Seal bags are sealed between 1/4" and 1/2" from the very bottom of the bag, while side sealed bags are sealed at the very side edges. 

The height of the bag is measured from the very bottom of bag to the very top, except for Soft Loop Handle bags where the handle is attached and not included in the height measurement. 


If your bag needs to hold a specific sized item, please let us know so that we can make sure the bag is sized correctly


  • All Dimensions are approximate. Length and width of bag vary within 1/2" ±. Larger bags can vary by as much as 1"
  • Gauge (mil) can vary by up to 10% ± from order to order and/or within the same order.
  • Film and Ink colors may vary from order to order and/or within the same order.
  • For multiple color prints, ideal trapping is 1/16" or greater. Image will shift slightly from bag to bag. 
  • Two sided print alignment can vary by up to 1" front to back.
  • Artwork with screens will be printed at 35 LPI. Uneven ink coverage may result due to dot gain. 
  • Colors on proofs are approximate and may not display accurately on monitors or desktop printers. Inks are matched to Pantone PMS colors. 

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