Can you match film colors?

The short answer is no, we can't provide custom film color matches. We do offer nearly 30 different standard colors of film, in both HDPE and LDPE, so most customers can find a color that works for their bags.

We do not provide custom film matches due to the complexity of color matching. Colored films are made by adding color concentrate (in pellet form) to white or natural resins. All our color concentrates are supplied to us ready to add to the resin. Mixing these concentrates may seem like a simple solution for making custom colors, but formulating the right mix is very time consuming and involves a lot of trial and error - and waste. Custom colors also create issues with reorders, even when we know the formula. From time to time dye-lots change, and even a slight change when mixing colors based on a formula can throw off the color of the match. 

Visit our Film Colors page to see all the colors we offer, downlonad our line card (PDF), or contact us to request film color samples. 

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